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 Phone:(323) 291-5900
 Mobile:(323) 806-9043
 Address:3870 Crenshaw Blvd. #218

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Phone:(323) 291-5900

Mobile: (323) 806-9043
Address: 3870 Crenshaw Blvd. #215


Doris has been an effective and dedicated Realtor for the past 20 years. In her career she has help many buyer’s purchase their first homes and those who are already home owners who want additional rental property, a larger home for their growing families or those who are ready to downsize in their golden years. She has amassed many years of experience in Real Estate, which she gladly passes on to her clients.


Agent Testimonials:

My name is Lilian Raven and more than a decade ago, I met a wonderful person called Doris Toomer, she helped me to purchase the home I currently live in. All the way through the transaction, she protected me. Doris is an absolute God send. She operates with the highest integrity. Doris read over everything and was very meticulous. Buying property can be so exhausting but Doris has a way of simplifying the process and making it fun. We became friends, because I was confident in her abilities, and could very definitely lean on her. She is very soft spoken and patient, she never got exasperated or frustrated during the process.
Since then I have continued to work with Doris, on the rental property aspect. Doris is actually my first stop, with all things real estate. If I don’t know, then I’ll ask Doris and she will always be 100% professional and make sure that my questions are answered.
Choose Doris as your Real Estate professional, I can honestly promise you, you will not be disappointed


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